BioMIMedics, the Euregional Interreg Consortium on innovative Biopolymer, Biomaterial & Sensor R&D invites you to visit our Biomedica Satellite 2015: Examples of Euregional Applied Biomaterials and Biosensor R&D

This symposium will include short presentations on biobased materials, polymer based nanotechnology, high-tech Sensor R&D and spin-off of BioMIMedics.


date/time  June 2nd, 12:00-13:30
room  C-Mine Design Centre


12:00-12:05 Luc Michiels, UHasselt BIOMED.
12:05-12:20 Sebastian Schusser, FH Aachen, INB.
Sensor-based degradation monitoring for the evaluation of (bio)degradable polymers.
12:20-12:35 Xiaomin Zhu, Institute for Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry of RWTH Aachen University. Microencapsulation in silica using polyethoxysiloxane – a green technology for biomedical applications.
12:35-12:50  Philippe Lecomte, Ulg CERM.
Aliphatic Polyphosphates, a promising class of polymers for drug delivery.
12:50-13:05 Marcel Ameloot, UHasselt Biomed.
Label free characterization of hydrogels and cell- matrix interaction.
13:05-13:20 Luca Flebus, Ulg CEIB.
A new synthetic antidote of heparin as an alternative to protamine sulphate.
13:20-13:30 François Lombart, Ulg CEIB/Polylife.
PolyLife: a first-spin off project focused on the production of functionalized degradable polyesters.