BioMIMedics Research & Development

BioMiMedics 2010-2015 R&D focuses on:

  • Novel Biomimetic BioPolymers for Medical Applications
  • State of the Art BioMaterials for Medical Use
  • High-tech BioSensors for quick validation of Biopolymers
  • Multi-Cellular Assays to test Biocompatibility of Biopolymers
  • Clinical Translation; bringing Biomaterials to the Clinic

The increasing demand for better alternatives urges the necessity to develop new degradable Biopolymers for biomedical products. High tissue compatibility (Biomimetic) is the keyword to success. BioMIMedics follows a biomimetic approach in the development of these novel Biomaterials. The main focus will go to utilisation of peptide- and phosphodiester bonds. These bonds are continuously formed and broken down in Nature and are part of the human body as proteins and for instance DNA. To define and validate these novel Biopolymers with sufficient throughput, unique Biosensors and cell assays will be developed. These Biosensor assays will allow fast definition of the Biopolymer’s chemical and biological capacities, with great flexibility at low costs.

For medical applications, the Biopolymers will be tailored into fibers and tissues with modified properties (applying molecular imprinted and conjugated polymers and gels) that will allow local drug release and cellular binding to the scaffold. These novel products will be tested for biocompatibility in vitro using primary (tissue-derived) cells and in the near future, patients as final goal.

BioMIMedics’ R&D seamlessly connect with the Euregio Meuse-Rhine world-class R&D in the field of Chemistry, Biomaterial, Biosensor and Applied medical research. BioMIMedics, as part of this community, will enforce cross border collaborations between research centres and enterprises with the ambition to develop new possibilities for our Euregion.