BioMIMedics focuses on R&D of

  • Novel synthetic Biomimetic Biopolymers with controllable degradation without formation of degradation products that are harmful (toxic) to the human body
  • Biosensors and Cell assays that allow quick validation of Biopolymers on both biochemical and cell biology level
  • Tissue Engineered Biomaterials (i.e. fibers and tissues) with molecular imprinted properties for drug release

At this stage the consortium anticipates at realizing

  • Characterized new Biopolymers that can be provided to SMEs for the production of Biomaterial based products
  • Biosensors and Cell assays for validation of Biopolymers and Biomaterials as product (licentiates) or service technology
  • Biopolymer fibers and tissues with molecular imprinted properties for third parties to develop medical applied tissue engineered products
  • Biomaterial products with applicability in patient care

To support interactions with SMEs and mid/large size companies valorization boost programs are defined for all regions (NRW, Belgisch & Nederlands Limburg and Wallonia) that focus on product development, technological innovation and dissemination.

BioMIMedics is open to all propositions from Euregional SMEs and industries in the field of Chemistry, Biopolymers, BioMaterial. We are seeking for R&D collaboration on the level of Biopolymer processing (e.g. weaving and knitting), applied medical R&D, Biopolymer production, drug delivery strategies and compound synthesis and entrepreneurs. Within the collaboration a contribution in cash and/or kind of 50% net investment is requested.

Do not hesitate to contact the BioMIMedic management to discuss your options to participate!