As part of the European Interreg goals to enforce collaborations and economic benefits within our Euregion BioMIMedics puts forward an ambitious regenerative medicine program with a total budget of €6.9 million for an initial period of 3 years. To capitalize the remarkable and unique concentration of world-class biomedical R&D within our Euregion BioMIMedics invites students, knowledge workers and SMEs of the Euregion Meuse-Rhine to participate.

BioMIMedics aims at developing and producing innovative products for applied and regenerative medicine, wound healing, vascular tissue engineering and drug delivery. These products can provide considerable added value to patient care and increase the efficacy of treatment. To realize this ambition BioMIMedics offers opportunities to stimulate and strengthen collaborations between students and knowledge workers, institutes and between institutes and industries. BioMIMedics can provide you a portal to knowledge and business activities in the applied BioMedical field. Participate now!