BioMIMedics, a collaboration

between leading research groups and SMEs of the Euregion, Province de Liège, Provincie Belgisch and Nederlands Limburg and Region Aachen that focuses on the development of novel Biopolymer and Biomaterials for Medical use.

The main activities of BioMIMedics 2010-2015 centred round the development of novel Bioplastics (Biopolymers) and BioMaterials for patient treatment and care. Biopolymers are the building blocks to fabric daily used biodegradable consumer products as well as to make artificial tissues for medical care (referred to as Tissue Engineering). It is this Tissue Engineering that provides the basis for Regenerative Medicine. Examples of currently applied tissue engineered products in patient care include biodegradable dressings for treating burns and wounds, synthetic substitutes for cartilage and bone, but also vascular grafts and stents for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

 BioMiMedics 2010-2015 R&D focused on:

  • Novel Biomimetic BioPolymers for Medical Applications
  • High tech BioSensors for quick validation of Biopolymers
  • Multi-modular Cellular Assays to test Biocompatibility of Biopolymers
  • Clinical Translation; bringing Biomaterials to the Clinic
  • Dissemination; transfering Knowledge and Skills
  • Valorization; connecting Knowledge Centers & SMEs

BioMIMedics R&D answers to the urgent need to develop better Biopolymers for medical care.

BioMIMedics 2010-2015, an Euregional Meuse-Rhine Interreg IVa Project

Made possible by the European Union & Regional Governments & Supported by the Euregional Knowledge Centers and Institutes